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Branch Camp Cozy Cabins come in prefabricated, panelized kits designed for remote locations. With just a few simple tools, two people can set up a 10' x 15' weatherized cabin almost anywhere in as little as one weekend!

All cabin kit components are designed to fit onto a small trailer that can be drawn by an ATV. You don't even need to build roads or bridges -- which minimizes your environmental impact on the land. Just clear an area for your cabin, set your posts or blocks, and start building! Because the panels are pre-built at the factory, building generates virtually no waste -- and they're pre-sealed against the elements to be maintenance-free.

Branch Camp Cozy Cabins make ideal shelters with dozens of uses, including...

  • Vacation Homes
  • Tourist Cabins
  • Hunting/Fishing Camps
  • Forest Ranger Stations
  • Information Huts
  • Research Facilities
  • Security or Registration Checkpoints
  • Guest Houses
  • Bunkhouses/Trail Huts
  • Equipment Shelters/Remote Monitoring Stations

You can customize the panels to add windows, doors, or solid walls. Just order the layout you want. Later on, if you want to expand your cabin, you can add more panels.


Add a Screened Porch to Your Branch Camp Cozy Cabin!


We also offer a screened porch option. Add one to your existing Branch Camp Cozy Cabin, or order the screened porch kit along with your cabin kit. Enjoy your evenings in the traditional Maine fashion while keeping the bugs at bay! The 5' x 10' screened porch also provides just enough room to hold muddy boots or other articles.

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Model Cabin Available

Our model cabin is available for viewing in Wells Branch, ME by appointment. Please call 207.985.3800 for available days and times.