About Branch Camp Cozy Cabins

All you need are a few basic tools, a weekend, and two people, and you can move right into your own weatherized cabin! Spend your camping season enjoying nature instead of building. All components of the Branch Camp Cozy Cabins are sealed against the elements at the factory, so you can just build your cabin and then go fishing.

Here are some sample views of a typical cabin interior...


 It's As Easy As 1-2-3 — and You Are Maintenance Free!

It's true! Here is all you have to do to start enjoying your own affordable, portable 10' x 15' Branch Camp Cozy Cabin.

1. Select a Site

You can select your site almost anywhere you want. If you can get there with an ATV and small trailer, then you can bring your kit to your location. No need to build roads or bridges first!

With a little clearing, set your posts or blocks and you are ready to go!


2. Assemble Your Cabin

That's right! With two people in one weekend, you can completely construct the cabin — including roof, windows, and door — and everything will be weather-tight.


Floor, wall, and gable panels easily lift into place. All you need are just a few tools, screws, and clamps. Everything is pre-built at the factory, so there's no waste.


Composite roof panels are lightweight and go on in a snap! A little trim work (all pre-measured and cut), then pop in the window sashes and the door and you're done!


3. Move In!

It's time to enjoy. All surfaces are already weather sealed, so no need for maintenance this year.